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Off Leash Dog Training - Stay & Train - Behavior Modification

Happy clients



 Mike is absolutely amazing! my dog is only 5 months and he's already learned so much. he's eager to make me proud. Puppies have slip ups, but nothing compares to how much he obeys. We appreciate you! Definitely recommend North Boston Dog Training.


Chelsea, MA 



We dropped our 8 month old puppy off for two weeks of  day training with Mike. We wanted him to have good manners around the house and walk well on a leash.  My dog was waking calmly next to us in a matter of a day or two. The training was done just prior to the Covid19 and working from home now the training was a lifesaver. Very happy with the service we received and will be back! Chris 

Peabody, MA



Lola at 8 months was a 75 pound, wild child that loves people so much that she wants to jump all over them. She is now calm, obedient and off leash trained 



 I sent my 1 year old pup, Mookie, to Mike as he was almost completely unmanageable, very territorial and aggressive towards strangers and other dogs.  I had tried other trainers and training methods that just did not work.  I was extremely frustrated, but still loved my dog and wanted to do whatever I could to make us all happy.  I sent Mookie to Mike for 3 weeks, and Mookie came home a new and improved dog!  He listens and comes when called, on walks he stays by my side.  He is still territorial, but due to the training he will stop barking when told.  He is a more relaxed dog and most importantly a well behaved dog!  I am so thankful for Mike and his ability to train Mookie to be the good boy I knew he was! 


Malden, MA



Devon is a sweet and friendly Golden Retriever. He was wild, stubborn and used to getting his way. He was  physically overpowering and was basically running the house. He went to Mike for 2 weeks of Off Leash and Behavior Training. 

He's doing amazing and understands his proper role in the family through consistent behavior reinforcement and structure. He now is able to be exercised off leash and under full control.  



Martha the Frenchie just finished up 2 weeks of Day School with Mike and she learned a lot - super nice puppy.


"Nellie" and "Nick"

Nick and Nellie came all the way from Washington DC. - They went from wild 8 month old puppies to well mannered and off leash trained in our 2 week Stay & Train Program.



Is just 5 months old and graduated our 2 week Off Leash Obedience Day School Program with flying colors!


"Toto" and "Roman"

Private lesson for 16 month old Cairn Terrier Toto and 2 week Advanced Off Leash Obedience for Roman 5 month old Siberian Husky.



 Mike worked with our newest addition to the family, Tillie. She struggled walking on a leash and was a pulling nightmare. Mike worked with my husband and I to put her through a 2 week program where she has learned basic commands and become much more responsive. She is a totally different dog while walking on a leash. She no longer drags you. We're practicing at home, but couldn't have done it without Mike getting a jump start on the process. Amy and Chris Gauvin, Peabody, MA



I loved working with my spoiled brat after Mike showed me how to handle him correctly, we have a much better relationship. Thanks Mike!!! 

Kathleen Dobbin Salem, MA



We brought our Husky/Malamute pup to Mike for assistance. Mike was great. After two weeks with Mike, our pup is so much better on the leash. The possessive tendencies that our pup was starting to exhibit with some of his toys are gone as well. We did try another trainer before we went to North Boston Dog Training. The difference was Mike was up front with us. He was honest and very knowledgeable. We've already recommended Mike to others. They've seen the difference in our pup and asked for the name of the trainer.  Cathy Armstrong Actis, Peabody, MA



Chris and Diane with their Boxer "Sydney" - Off-Leash Obedience Training and Behavior  Modification -"We couldn't be happier with Mike's training program. Individual sessions at your choice of venue makes it ideal. each session is an hour, but if it runs over Mike will stay until needed. He not only tells you what you need to do, but also explains in detail the purpose of why. I would highly recommend Mike's training to anyone looking for a trainer." - Christopher Dineen. Wakefield, MA 



 The kids love "Zelic" and he loves watching over them. Zelic is completely trained for Off-Leash Obedience and Manners. "Thanks Mike for all the great training, you have the experience training dog's like Zelic and he is amazing". 

Fran Beaulieu Rockport, MA 


"Lexi" & "Charlie"

 We are so fortunate to have met Mike Harrington. We are not new to dog training having had dogs for years. My husband and I enlisted Mike's help after observing him work with dogs. He is absolutely one of a kind, we call him the "dog whisperer". He was able to help us understand and modify training with our two dogs; a six month old German Shepherd and a five year old Newfie. Mike has such a nice commanding style. He is a pleasure to work with and the dogs really like him !!! Linda and Barry Sheehan-Reading, MA 



 "We are so pleased with the progress of our 5 month old Weimaraner. We have been sending him to Mike two days a week for full days of training and couldn't be more pleased! We completely trust leaving our dog knowing he is in good hands. When we pick our puppy up at the end of the day Mike goes over what he learned and shows us what to do. His training is very effective.
Thanks Mike!
Louis and Jenna 



5 Stars!!  Mike changed my family's rescued dog into a success. Our dog had a real bad up bringing with the previous owner. He was nervous of everything and was petrified to go into the vehicles. We tried many dog services with no success. This went on for over a year. We spent a lot of money for vets to come to the house. Mike spent a full hour with patches and success. Patches was cured with the vehicles. We would recommend Mike entirely



 Caitlin and "Rudder" Advanced Off-Leash Obedience and Behavior Modification - Mike worked with my 8 month old, 80 lb golden doodle puppy this week. The improvements in just one week are incredible... No more biting, jumping up on us, he stays with us when walking off leash. Rudder is my first dog and I was unsure of how to discipline to correct these problems. And Mike not only worked with Rudder 1 on 1 but he invited me to come along for some tips and training as well! It was hugely helpful. I would recommend Mike to anyone looking for a dog/puppy trainer! Thank you Mike! We will keep in touch! 



 "Val" Strout - Advanced Off-Leash Obedience and Behavior Program - Val was wild and out of control jumping on everyone and running away now he's obedient and we don't need a leash anymore!!!  Thanks Mike


"Tucker" and "Penny"

 I brought my two Yorkie's to Mike they were barking non-stop, had anxiety and acting aggressively I brought them to Mike for his  Advanced Off-Leash and Behavior and now they are doing fantastic! 



 "Rocco" Ventullo - with Adreanna, Angelina and Vanessa all getting involved in training their new Cane Corso puppy. The girls did a great job today!!! Rocco was exibing dominant behavior and now he's learning that he's not the boss.




Christian Alquinta and His Bernese Mountain Dog "Max" - 12 year old boy that can handle a 100 pound dog thanks to North Boston Dog Training.



 "Romeo" Figuaroa - Advanced Off- Leash and Behavior Training. 

When I called Mike it was the last straw Romeo was wild and had no manners, If he couldn't be trained we were going to have to give him up. Mike did an amazing job with Romeo he is such a different dog, a joy to be around, gentle with my 3 year old son and completely off leash trained. Raymond Figuaroa.



Abby was a typical Beagle interested in finding rabbits and not listening to us. Mike did wonders with her!!


"Radar" & "Shamwell"

 We Just completed 5 sessions with Mike and my two dogs, Sham and Radar. Mike was very knowledgeable, and great with the boys. Sham is not quite a year old yet. He went from being almost completely unmanageable, to a fun loving companion. He is 110% easier to walk on a leash and both dogs get along better because of their training. 

Lulu Ayube Salem, MA. 


"Jake" and AJ

 AJ Miller and his German Shepherd "Jake" are Training for IPO / Schutzhund Sport Obedience and Protection. "Mike has a very unique understanding of dogs and training them. The progress I've seen in Jake in such a short period of time is amazing. My dog is more confident than ever. he is understanding what is being asked of him, and is having fun in the process. Mikes love for dogs comes through in his training. I couldn't be happier!" A J Miller - Nashua, NH 



For me my experience training with Mike has been invaluable, As a Police Officer and aspiring police K9 handler I was eager to learn about K9's and what effort goes into training them for all aspects of service. 

Mike was very knowledgable with his craft and methodical in training the dog as well as the handler to work well together as a team. 

When I first met Mike he compared the protection training to that of a child taking martial arts, it's designed to build confidence and discipline. 

I have observed his patience working with different dogs and handlers of all experience levels, and his creativity with finding different avenues to get the desired actions from the dog and handler. 

I have watched my dog flourish in protection and have begun tracking and some advanced obedience, 

I am very excited to see how much "Zeke"and I can learn while training with Mike. 



"Thanks for the training Mike Trooper is doing great!" 

Billy K. - Beverly, MA 



 "Nikko" the Alaskan Malamute has/had Severe Dog and Handler Aggression - at 140 pounds he was totally unmanageable and now he is calm and under control!! 

He can even down and stay beside another dog! Mike is the best! I brought him my 11 month old Malamute Nikko who was uncontrollable on and off leash! Nikko would bite me if he saw another dog, be destructive around house, and I had no control over him he was a monster! 

After just a few sessions he is a better dog, no more aggression, easy to walk, and listens around the house! It was a miracle! I am having him train my other Malamute as well! If you need your dog trained, Mike is the best! 



Tom and Max came for training/coaching to earn a IPO BH Obedience title which requires off leash obedience and an impartiality test - even though Max had some pretty serious aggression issues, through time and training his goal was achieved.



  I have been training with Mike for a little over 6 weeks, my 2 yr old male has taken huge strides in training for IPO since we've started. Mike is very hands on when he teaches you. 

I highly recommend Mike for any of your training  

Tammy Maglio — 5 stars!


Trial day success for all!!!

Mike's coaching pays off!!! AJ and "Jake" - Tammy and "Dino" - Rhonda and "Bullet" - Diane and "Lola" - Tom and "Max" all achieved their BH titles at Merrimack Valley Working Dog Club.


Mark and "Tally"

Student Mark Perry and his dog Tally training under Mike's direction in preparation for their BH title.


Success for another student!!

It was a long road but Mark and Tally worked hard successfully achieving their BH title at Inner City Working Dog Club with Mikes direction and coaching.


Cynthia and "Beowolf"

Working on attentive and spirited heeling for obedience competition under Mikes direction and coaching.


Mike and Hanyo Vom Mack-Zwinger IPO2

Successful trial day for Mike and Hanyo at Ocean State Schutzhund Club. They achieved their IPO2 only weeks after coming in 2nd place IPO1 at the 2017 New England Regional IPO Championship.



Our Bernese Mountain Dog Deacon was showing dominance aggression and biting us. After working with Mike Deacon is doing much better and is no longer biting us. 

Jane and Tony Gilberti 



We were novice dog owners when we adopted our 2 year old Boxer mix Blossom from a NY shelter. We were warned she had minor signs of fear-aggression and ultimately that got the best of us and created anxious owners. For a long time we felt we were doomed to always cross the street or turn the other way when dogs approached and that made us sad for her. It seemed like she would never have any dog friends. Time did not help because our anxiety only grew and we trapped ourselves and Blossom in that downward spiral.

Enter Mike. We found Mike from the extensive 5 star GLOWING reviews online and we knew he was our only hope. Mike recommended a three week obedience dog school program to teach her basic obedience and to build her confidence. The program was affordable and we were able to work out a payment schedule. Even by day 2, Blossom already walked better on leash noticeably and we would have been happy with just that. But Mike did more- he built her confidence, he taught her she needs to obey, and he taught US how to be better dog walkers and owners. He even taught her to walk off leash. As a behaviorist too, Mike shared helpful insights about Blossom that helped us understand she was not at all an aggressive dog.

And now, we are proud to say that Blossom has made numerous dog friends and is now more confident. When we encounter unfriendly or unruly dogs, she now responds appropriately instead of lunging or twisting out of her leash. She is now enrolled in dog day care in Beverly making even more friends. Walking with her is a breeze and it's done wonders for our confidence as well. We cannot recommend Mike enough. Thank you Mike, you are a life saver!



We brought Huck, our 37lb Australian Cattle Dog/Kelpie to Mike for help. We adopted Huck and we were told he knew his basic commands and was "a little mouthy" but an otherwise friendly dog. 

Within 48 hours, we learned that wasn't exactly the truth. He sort of understood sit, but he was a real jerk. He was super aggressive and VERY mouthy. Very quickly, coming home to the dog was more stress inducing then a happy occasion. I was regularly covered in scratches and bruises from him jumping up, scratching, and what not. Mike did wonders for my doggy nephew last year, so we got his name and number and gave him a call. 

We got Huck enrolled in a three week program for aggression and obedience. By the end of week one, Huck wasn't jumping on me or using me as a chew toy. By the end of week two, he not only wasn't being a little jerk, but he was able to play off leash and listen... and COME when called. It was amazing. 

At the end of the third week, he's a brand new dog.

 My husband was able to lay in the dog's bed with him and cuddle with him calmly. Huck let him pick him up and hold him without trying to bite his face off. Huck went to the vet the week before school started and he was hell. Last night, we went for a booster for one of his vaccines and he was well behaved, he just sniffed another dog and didn't try to fight him. ... All thanks to Mike. Mike is a miracle worker. Not only did he transform our dog, but he helped us to learn how to help Huck be a better dog. We're now a happy family, with a well behaved dog. 



We just had our rescue dog, Renata, trained by Mike. It is a life changing experience for her and for us as a family. She always was a super dog but was impulsive off leash and needed some training for jumping on people. We just got back from a walk with her all off leash at the beach and on a nature trail- she was so happy to run and play with our two girls. Renata did so well behaving around other dogs and people on our walk. We also had some visitors today and she did not jump at them. She sat and waited patiently until they came over to pet her. It is unbelievable what Mike did in ten days. Having her trained has greatly improved the quality o life for her and for us as a family! 

Thanks Mike!

Stephanie Doucette



 We brought our 1 year old Mini Aussie, Joey, to Mike for a 2 Week Obedience & Behavior Modification Day School Program. Although Joey is very smart, he is not always a great listener, especially when it came to taking him for walks. Joey becomes very anxious around cars – lunging, barking, and trying to chase them, making it extremely difficult to walk him in our neighborhood. Since completing his training, we’ve seen a great improvement in him. Our walks have become much more enjoyable as he’s now beginning to listen to commands, even while cars are driving by. We’ve even noticed a big difference while playing and practicing off leash at the park. We are confident that he will continue to improve with more practice. We are very happy with our decision to take Joey to Mike for training! 

Daniella Kirby



I have a high drive working line super-sized GSD that is way too much dog for me! I refuse to give him up. He has been to 5 trainers in 3 years. Each trainer demonstrated how obedient he was with them and handed me the leash. The obedient dog last a day or two then reverted back to his out of control behavior with me. My dog behaving for other people was not the goal I had in mind. Mike not only retrained Cooper but is teaching me how to handle him. Cooper is way ahead of me in training but I am catching up. I am communicating with him, he understands and is obedient. When he is not, it is usually my fault! Now, not every walk is a battle and we actually have fun! If he can train Coop and ME, he can train ANY dog and handler. Highly, highly recommended! 

Thank you Mike! 

Stephanie Anguilo-Costa


"Gracie" and "Bruin"

Mike worked with our rescue lab mix Gracie & the change has been night and day..every day she is blossoming more into such a confident and even relaxed dog & outings are so much better for both us and her. Thanks again for everything!

Update 9/16: I have been meaning to update this for a while- we brought our other lab mix to Mike for the same 2 week training a little later, and we are so happy with the positive changes we've seen. One thing that I'm incredibly appreciative of is how available Mike is even after the dogs have finished their training program- I've called with questions and for advice and he's been extremely helpful even just over the phone which has meant a lot to me as our dogs have such a huge presence in our lives!!

Janelle LaBrie



 We brought our 12 week old Rottweiler Koba to Mike. Our dog had some socialization and anxiety problems. In only 3 weeks time, Mike was able to socialize our dog and give him the confidence to overcome his anxiety issues. Anyone that has owned a Rottweiler knows that anxiety and socialization problems are not a good combination and needs to be handled immediately. Mike is a phenomenal trainer and I would highly recommend him. 

Chris B.



 My life has changed . I went to Mike with my crazy Django. I was at my wits end with him but love love love him and I knew we needed help.
He spent three weeks with Mike and he has learned so much and has changed so much. I have learned a lot as well .

Mike is awesome!!!!! 

Patty Shires



Mike is an experienced well balanced trainer of dogs.
He is a believer of making the training program fit the dog and it's situation and not the other way around.
Consistency, clarity and fairness.
The dogs learn fast, happy and with a want to do more.
Great teacher, great trainer! 

Michelle Testa



I was highly skeptical that anyone could help my dog. He had a lot of fear aggression I couldn't take him for a walk without him barking, growling and lunging at everyone and every thing that walked on the same street as us. I felt defeated, then I finally heard about Mike! After three weeks my dog is a whole different dog! It's like none of that aggression ever existed! Mike is nothing less than a miracle worker !! I can finally enjoy my dog !! 

Thank you so much Mike ! 

Kim Davis


"Max" and "Ava"

 A huge thank you to Mike for taking in our German Shepherd pup Max, and transforming him into a very obedient and calmer dog. Definitely a big difference with walking him off leash and getting him to listen. We will be back for some protection training in the future!!


Barbara and "Mikey"

Very successful day for long time students Barbara Hogan and "Mikey" - They earned their BH title and IPP1 with High Tracking, High, Hogh Obedience, High IPO1 and High in Trial!!!!   Thank you Mike H. for training Mikey and me in IPO! I know we've been quite a challenge. We'll probably continue to be so. But thank you so much for all the training, time, and effort you put in to a couple of newbies and all the good coffee and the yelling, the glaring looks when we've been bad, and the laughter and oh hell! Let's just keep going! 

Thank you Mike!  


Lisa and "Ueli" and Tony and "Jagger"

Lisa and "Ueli" and Tony and "Jagger" both earned their BH titles with a combined effort of Mike and Rhonda's Coaching - Training.


Rhonda and "Bullet"

Rhonda has worked so hard with "Bullet" he has been a difficult dog to train, but she never gave up and no matter the obstacle they have overcome them - Congratulations on your IPO1 and High Protection!!!!


Mandy and "Jena"

Congratulations Mandy and Jena on your new IPO1 title!!


Tom and "Jada"

This is Tom and his young dog "Jada" like his other dog "Max" earned their BH with Mike's coaching and now are preparing for IPO1 this summer!!!


"Geronimo" and "Ozzie"

  Today was my first session at North Boston Training with my 2 boxers and it was great. Even though it was only the first session I saw results with my dogs and Mike was very knowledgeable about training and dog behavior. I'm excited to keep training my dogs with Mike and can't wait to see what we work on next. 

Zack Fellows



My dog just finished 2 weeks of training with Mike. He was professional, knowledgeable, and did a fabulous job with our hyper, anxious, 1 year old rescue. 

We are very thankful and would highly recommend him. 

Thank you for your help with Georgia.

Amy Elizabeth



Mike is an outstanding trainer who can read dogs extremely well to know what they need to be balanced, well behaved family members. You can count on him to ensure you and your dog achieve the highest level of success in your training. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! 

Bobbi-jo Cefalo




Great job by Mike! He turned our misbehaving independent dog into a well mannered dog. Mike always explained after each training day the dogs issues and accomplishments. We saw improvement just after a couple of days. I highly recommend!

Tom Rogers



 Ok, so my Belgian Malinois isn't exactly a dog, well she is, but Malinois aren't pets. They are wild animals that look like dogs. I had some significant issues with my Maligator that needed emergency attention. I called Mike, he easily articulated my issue, dropped what he was doing, made time in his calendar for me, and gave my Mal the needed boot camp to set her straight. He sent me a text that I continually read: "Don't loosen up, stay consistent, don't allow the dog to get sloppy, she's a big responsibility due to her temperament and breed". 

Mike is a total professional. 

Robert Sciciliano



 I brought my dog to Mike because she was very dog reactive, and private classes and group classes had not made any difference. After the first day with Mike, she walked so much better on the leash. She has been able to walk much more calmly near other dogs at the park. I now know exactly what I need to do to maintain all her progress she made with Mike. This training made a substantial, (and previously unimaginable) difference, and was completely worth it. 

Melissa Weed