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Off Leash Dog Training - Stay & Train - Behavior Modification

North Boston Off Leash K9 Training


Mike Harrington - Owner North Boston Dog Training


Mike & Hanyo IPO2 - Ocean State Schutzhund Club


Mike & Hanyo 

Mike Harrington and Hanyo  - IPO1 2nd place - 2017 New England Regional IPO Championship

Hanyo vom Mack-Zwinger - New England Regional Championship IPO1 2nd place

Mike Harrington began Training Dogs in 1986 - He is a Certified Master Dog Trainer 

who studied Canine Psychology and Behavior Modification.

Mike has worked extensively with Top Trainers from the USA, Belgium, Germany, and Czechoslovakia. 

Mike has trained hundreds of dogs, of all-breeds and coached their owners in Basic to Advanced Obedience, Behavior Modification, Home & Personal Protection and all phases of Dog Sport Competition.

Mike  raises, trains, titles, competes and is a Certified Trial Helper in the sport of Schutzhund.

Mike’s clear understanding of canine behavior enables him to provide the finest dog training and owner instruction, bridging the gap of communication between owners and their dogs.

Education and Experience

  • Canine Academy School for Dog Trainers - Certified Professional Dog Trainer
  • Canine Academy School for Dog Behavioral Studies - Certified Behaviorist
  • Olympia Kennels  School for Dog Trainers - Certified Master Dog Trainer/Behaviorist
  • Olympia Kennels School for Dog Trainers - Advanced Protection Training Decoy. 
  • Operator & Training Director/ Behavioral Consultant - All About Dogs
  • Training Helper & Trial Decoy for O.G. Boston Schutzhund Club
  • O.G Boston Schutzhund Club BH - Molly
  • President, Training Director and Helper & Trial Decoy Middlesex County SchH Club
  • OG Boston SchH Club High BH, High SchH 1 – Azko Palonia CS-ZM-Sch1 HOT
  • White Mountain SchH Club High BH – Hawk Von Olympia - HOT
  • Mass-Conn SchH Club High SchH 2 – High Protection - Hawk Von Olympia SchH2 - HOT
  • Middlesex County SchH Club – Freight Train Award – Hawk Von Olympia SchH3 - HOT
  • United Schutzhund Club of America - SchH3 Club member - HOT
  • OG Boston SchH Club - Outstanding Service Award
  • Owner/Operator - Training Director  - North Boston Dog Training
  • K9 Edge - Training Director - Behavioral Consultant
  • Training Director - North Boston IPO Club
  • Certified Trial Helper - United Schutzhund Clubs of America
  • Hanyo vom Mack-Zwinger BH - SNHWDC
  • Hanyo vom Mack-Zwinger AD - SCWDC
  • Hanyo vom Mack-Zwinger IPO1 - 2017 New England IPO Regional Championships 2nd place
  • Hanyo Vom Mack-Zwinger IPO2 - Ocean State Schutzhund club
  • Hanyo Vom Mack-Zwinger IPO3 - 2018 National Working Dog Championship - Competitor
  • Hanyo vom Mack-Zwinger IPO3 - 2018 New England Regional Championship - Competitor
  • Hanyo Vom Mack-Zwinger IGP3 - 2019 National Working Dog Championship - Competitor
  • Nox Vom Schweizerhof BH - High BH - Maine Schutzhund Club Fall Trial

2018 National Working Dog Championship - Grove City, Ohio



Rhonda Greenwood

Dedicated professionals providing high level training for you and your dog.

Our staff is highly trained and experienced with all breeds and disciplines of dog training, and behavioral Issues and solutions. 

Rhonda Greenwood - Certified Master Dog Trainer and Behavioral Specialist.

In Home Lessons - Stay and Train - On Site Training

Rhonda began training dogs in 1999, 

She has vast experience in training all breeds and types of dogs. 

She also actively trains, competes  in Schutzhund. 

Rhonda is a reliable, knowledgeable and dedicated member of our team.

Education and Experience.

  • Common Dog Training - Head Trainer - Manager
  • North Shore Dog Club - Assistant Training Director
  •  North Boston IPO Club - Assistant Training Director
  • Merrimac Valley Working Dog Club - Esko vom Ruhpark - BH
  •  North Boston IPO Club - Lisa Plesko BH - Coach
  •  North Boston IPO Club Tony Di Palmo - BH - Coach
  •  North Boston IPO Club - Esko vom Ruhpark - IPO1
  •  Uber Schutzhund Assoc. - Bianka vom Zoni Haus - BH 
  • Quinabaug WDC - Bianka vom Zoni Haus - Highest Scoring IGP1
  • Monadonock WDC - IGP2



Bianka vom Zoni Haus IGP2

Raised and trained by Rhonda Greenwood    


Bullet BH, IPO1

Rhonda Greenwood and Esko von Ruhpark - A.K.A. "Bullet"