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North Boston Dog Training

Greater Boston's Premier
Canine Behavioral Specialist


Specialized Training to ensure effective learning

Unlike Pet Supply Chain Stores, Dog Training Franchises or Online Dog Training Graduates, our High level training is specialized and proven to create an atmosphere for personalized interaction and effective training. 

Group Obedience Classes are like an assembly line, where a large number of dogs are pushed through with minimal results. 

Dogs equate behavior with environment which is why training at the same location or in a building is not as effective. 

Once the dog leaves that area, it doesn't know how to behave if the training is not consistently reinforced.

North Boston Dog Training operates on a much smaller scale and produces training that is head and shoulders above the competition. 

With 30 years of expertise, having successfully trained thousands of dogs from all breeds, temperaments and combination's of both,  each client receives clear instruction and the finest dog training available in the Greater Boston area.

There are many people who claim to be dog trainers, but just being a member of trainers association that pretty much anyone can join for $60.00 does not make you a good dog trainer.

Whether  it's Day School, Private Lessons in your home or at our facility, or our Stay & Train Program, we will work with you and your dog every step of the way to success!

Training programs and pricing


Doggy Day School - $75.00

 We provide a day of Obedience Training, Behavior Modification 

and socialization while allowing your pet to spend evenings, 

weekends and your follow up at home. 

Just drop your dog off in the morning and then 

pick them up again in the afternoon. 

This allows easy to follow daily instruction 

and homework as your dog learns. (2-3 week program.) 

All levels of training are available:  

  • Puppy Training 
  • Basic Training
  •  Advanced Off Leash Training 
  •  Solving Behavioral Problems 
  • Individual days available for maintenance.


Private Lessons - $99.00

 Private Lessons are available at our facility and local area. 

These lessons are for addressing 

specific behavioral problems and all levels of 

training from puppy through off leash training. 

Private lessons allow the owners to be involved in all the training to ensure consistency, and step by step instruction from a Certified Master Trainer. 


In Home Lessons - Call for pricing

In Home Dog Training lessons are conducted in your home, place of business or at other locations and for all levels of training from puppy through advanced off leash training as well as specific behavioral problems that occur most often in the dogs territory. 

This allows step by step training and instruction from an experienced,  Certified Trainer.  


Stay & Train program - Call for pricing

99% of Dog Training facilities that offer either Board & Train, In Kennel or Stay & Train Program's keep your dog in a commercial kennel where your dog spends most of it's time either living in a chain link run or a crate 

surrounded by numerous other dogs. 

In this environment your dog is more likely to learn more bad behavior than good. 

Barking, kennel aggression, house training issues and lack of a home environment  is not conducive to learning how to behave in your home and in public places. 

Our Stay & Train Program is done on a much smaller scale, your dog will come and stay in our home, will be taken for rides and walks in public areas making the training actually simulate real life. 

Dogs equate behavior with environment, which is why they must be trained in many different places to ensure reliability.    

Obedience Certifications

Many home Insurance companies require certificates of training for dog ownership.Training Graduation Certificates.

  • Testing and Certification 
  • AKC Star Puppy  
  • Canine Good Citizen

Sport and Utility Training

Schutzhund and IPO Training


  • Schutzhund & IPO Protection
  • Competitive Obedience
  • Tracking & Article Training
  • Directed Retrieving
  • Jumping Obstacles

Personal Protection and Business Security


Crimes like home invasion, burglary, carjacking, child abduction, and sexual assault are escalating and residential homes and apartments are considered easy targets for criminals.