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Off Leash Dog Training - Stay & Train - Behavior Modification

Off Leash Dog Training - Stay & Train - Behavior Modification


Mike Harrington

Certified Master Dog Trainer 

 All Breed Behavioral Specialist

30  years of training dogs and their owners.



Mike Harrington

Certified Master Dog Trainer 

 All Breed Behavioral Specialist

30  years of training dogs and their owners.

Specialized K9 Training for Greater Boston and beyond!

Unlike Pet Supply Chain Stores, Dog Training Franchises or Online Dog Training Graduates, our High Level Training 

technique is specialized and proven to create an atmosphere for personalized interaction and effective training.

Group Obedience Classes are like an assembly line, where a large number of dogs are pushed through with minimal results.

Dogs equate behavior with environment which is why training at the same location or in a building is not as effective.


Once the dog leaves that area, it doesn't know how to behave if the training is not consistently reinforced.

North Boston Dog Training operates on a much smaller scale and produces training that is head and shoulders above the competition.

With 30 years of expertise, having successfully trained thousands of dogs from all breeds, temperaments and combination's of both. 

Each client receives clear instruction and the finest dog training available in the Greater Boston area.

There are many people who claim to be dog trainers, but just being a member of trainers association  

that anyone can join for $60.00 does not make you a good dog trainer. 

We will work with you and your dog every step of the way to success!


North Boston Off leash K9 Training


Stay & Train Canine Boot Camp

Having your dog trained to be under control without a leash, allows your dog the freedom they deserve, the opportunity to get the required daily exercise to keep them happy, healthy and well behaved.

Certified Professional Off Leash K9 Training



Providing the Finest Dog Training available to the Greater Boston and surrounding areas. 

  • Stay & Train Canine Boot Camp
  • Day School Program
  • Private lessons  (In your home or at our facility)

Mike has 30 years of experience training all breeds of dogs and understands the breed specific character traits 

and instinctual behavior patterns, which allows him to train even the most difficult dogs.

Our training programs are specifically designed to create an atmosphere where your dog will:

  • Learn faster with more clarity.
  • Learn correct Behavioral patterns.
  • Understand what you expect from them.

Training is tailored to fit your individual needs, lifestyle, and to produce the results that you desire.
Mike is a Certified Instructor and Evaluator for  STAR PUPPY and CANINE GOOD CITIZEN. 

Our training programs include and surpass AKC and CGC program guidelines.

Testing and Certifications are available upon completion of each level.


Dog Training for real life situations

"Chip" and "Shy" - well behaved in public - both are only 4 months old in downtown Peabody

boston off leash dog training - behavior modification


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