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Off Leash Dog Training - Stay & Train - Behavior Modification

Combined Component Dog Training



Understanding a dogs social structure and instinctual drives are key to successfully raise and train a dog 

that is a social, confident, well behaved and welcome family member. 

Their behaviors are derived from inherent instincts, environment, life experiences and understanding this allows us to 

shape correct behavior and strengthens our relationships with them.  

Purely Positive Dog Training is a wonderful concept, but it is based totally on the precept that your dog values a treat, a toy or even 

your affection more than it's instincts to behave in a manner that is not acceptable. 

Does your dog value a cookie more than chasing a squirrel or your neighbors cat?? 

Dogs like every other being have their own agenda, therefore they will work for food, treats, toys etc, but only if the distraction is 

not of a higher value,  so this leaves us with a dog that is only compliant when he chooses to be. 

We all in our daily life do things to gain rewards, such as working for a paycheck and we also 

refrain from certain behaviors, like breaking the law in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Combined Component Dog Training is an approach that involves the use of both reward based techniques

and averse stimulus conditioning. 

Training teaches the dog that their choices and behaviors can result in either enjoyable or unpleasant results.

There are different levels of consequences for different levels of incorrect behavior, withholding of rewards for 

non compliance of commands allows the dog to learn and problem solve, creating a clear understanding of the behavior we desire. 

Certain commands, once the dog completely understands them are non-negotiable; these are called "life commands" for example "coming when called" must be reliable. Your dog could be injured or killed if he does not come when called.


Corrections are not used to punish the dog, but to change negative behavior, followed by positive reinforcement of the good behavior, corrections also must be timely, understandable and simulate how a mother dog would correct her puppy. 

Corrections must be immediate, fair, made without emotion and never excessive. 

The dog must respect you as a parent, much like children.

 Our Combined Component method of dog training allows you to clearly show your dog the difference between 

right and wrong and to have a strong relationship and a well behaved pet, you must be the leader that your dog needs and adores. 


                                          Simply put, behavior does not change without both reward and consequence.


Our Off Leash K9 training makes happy dogs!